Surfing may be our origin story, but we are so much more…

TRISURF is for the salty at heart – whether your life is in the waves, on the beach or in the mountains, you are TRISURF, and together we are TRISURF.

Founder, Heather McNaughton grew up hopping from beach to beach in South Florida. What started as a passion for surfing, grew into a love of photography, travel, the mountains, culture, adventure, and more. This journey helped inspire the creation of TRISURF, est 2009 (formerly Trisurf Productions).


TRISURF first started as a daily surf report for South Florida. On days when there was surf and days when there wasn’t, Heather would post surf and ocean shots to her Facebook Page for local surfers and ocean/beach enthusiasts to enjoy. After a few years of doing this, she knew she wanted more for TRISURF. 

As a brand, Heather believed TRISURF would connect those who are salty at heart to a new wave of lifeThis idealization is when she knew it was time to create a blog focused on community and a brand centered around embracing the world and all it has to offer. Thank you for riding this wave with us. Forever TRISURF, Forever Salty at Heart.

Trisurf team

Heather McNaughton
Founder & Creator

Dreamer that keeps believing 

Kristina Cobia
Brand Ambassador

The original Wahine & Founder of Wahine Warriors 

Megan Wollitz
Brand Ambassador

Living the Alaskan dream, Megan is the definition of adventure